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CE4RT - Circular Economy for Regenerative Tourism

Regenerative tourism within the framework of the CE4RT project creates the opportunity for SMEs to join a shared journey that:

  • Generates profitable businesses
  • Tackles climate action
  • Benefits the host community
  • Champions local places – nature, culture and heritage
  • Empowers visitors to be responsible


  1. To develop a peer to peer focused approach and knowledge transfer among tourism SMEs, consortium partners and the wider European tourism ecosystem in relation to the circular economy and regenerative tourism practices.
  2. To develop training for tourism SMEs in achieving sustainability certification, identifying the most feasible and appropriate programmes for each sector.
  3. To support tourism SMEs in the adoption of innovative regenerative tourism practices that involves a community led, holistic approach. This focuses not only on the prosperity of the destination but also the people and the planet as identified by the UNWTO (2021) and the objectives of several SDGs.
  4. To incorporate the principles of the circular economy in the short term and regenerative tourism in the long-term into tourism SME business development and value chain
  5. To enable tourism SMEs to communicate their tourism offering while maintaining the ethos, culture and heritage of their destination
  6. To create an innovative approach for monitoring the impact (social, environmental and economic) of regenerative tourism practices in tourism destinations


Jan 2023 to Jan 2025

The project runs from Jan 2023 to Jan 2025

March 2023


Sept 2023 – March 2024

Training & Mentoring

April 2024 &/or Nov 2024


Sept 2024 to Dec 2024

Training & Mentoring

Target Audience:

Target Audience:  80 Tourism SMEs across 5 countries (minimum of 16 in each country), Ireland, Iceland, Finland, Poland, Netherlands.